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Security Technology

Unique Database Reporting

Our custom database technology is envied by other security companies and even most in the law enforcement community.
Hand-written reports are a thing of the past.  We are proud to say we can provide a “green solution“- all reports are provided through email.  Receive clear, computerized reports on a daily basis.

The purpose our database serves is for quick and accurate access of data company-wide and rapid delivery of reports to our clients.

Patrol units access our database directly from smart phones located in each patrol vehicle.  This enables patrol officers to generate their daily reports on the realtime, communicate with our dispatch and other patrol units, and to instantly monitor and access data such as:  Client Records and post Instructions, Current updates and Bulletins, Calls for Service, Area Maps and Navigation, Resident and Vehicle Registries, Database of Suspects, Vehicle Citations, and incidents.

Our database technology is the future of the security industry and comes standard with all of our Patrol and Response Services.

All of our Patrol Officers are equipped with state of the art, high definition body cameras. These body cameras will be certain to capture real time incidents as well as review prior footage at our clients’ site, day or night. This added value technology is provided at no extra cost to our clients. This is just one more reason for choosing First Protection Services to provide security at your location(s).

Patrol Accountability

Hiring security is one thing, but accounting for overnight patrols is another. Have you ever had issues such as, not knowing where the guard was between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM or why they didn’t they patrol the parking lot? Have you ever wondered how frequently the guard does their patrol, or if incidents occurred when the security guard was on duty? Does anyone really see the guard? Are patrol hits visible?

First Protection Services, Inc. can now provide proof with precise information of the guard’s patrol on your property by using a patrol check point system. This system has the guard use a tablet or smart-phone during their patrols to scan a QR barcode or checkpoint. This scanned QR code sequence number then is read by the device and translated to the name of the patrol location. In addition, a geo-stamp is applied to the same spot in order to identify the exact coordinates of the scan. The report is then submitted as part of a daily activity report or patrol hit in which, the QR codes are translated into names of locations and the geo-stamp coordinates are translated into addresses. When this report is produced and sent, it cannot be edited. The report shows the times and patrol routes for the guard. Our management reviews these reports daily and looks for gaps and discrepancies in time. Thus ensures that officers continue to be active, utilizing 100% of their shift by conducting their patrol inspections. Our goal is to set up a system that eliminates doubt, keeps officers disciplined, and active while providing unquestionable proof of services rendered.

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