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Security Technology



Besides the old school detex clocks, using an i-button (RFID) system is how clients and owners of security companies would verify a guard was doing their “rounds” of a property.

PROBLEMS: a supervisor has to go download and read the data from the wand. Another problem with the i-button systems is the large availability of the actual i-buttons themselves, just do a search on the internet for i-button systems, a guard can get a reader that reads i-buttons, then the guard orders his own set of i-buttons that match the ones that are on the post, then sits at his desk running the wand over his own collection of i-buttons.

THE SOLUTION: GT3 Guard Tour Verification System. GT3 uses simple QR Code labels that are scanned with an IPhone running the GT3 software. How is this different from the old problems of yesterday, GT3 creates a GPS stamp of each and every time the GT3 code is scanned and is sent to the server immediately where it is viewable instantly by the client from their own client account page, and there are GPS links to satellite maps showing a marker of where the guard was exactly at the time of the GT3 scan. This eliminates a supervisor from having to download the data by visiting the property. Furthermore the GT3 system sends out an email to each one of our clients every morning with the activities from the past 24 hours of all the GT3 scans of their property only.


Unique Database Reporting

Our custom database technology is envied by other security companies and even most in the law enforcement community.

Hand-written reports are a thing of the past.  We are proud to say we can provide a “green solution“- all reports are provided through email.  Receive clear, computerized reports on a daily basis.

The purpose our database serves is for quick and accurate access of data company-wide and rapid delivery of reports to our clients.

ComputerPatrol units access our database directly from computers located in each patrol vehicle.  This enables patrol officers to generate their daily reports on the computer, communicate with our dispatch and other patrol units, and to instantly monitor and access data such as:  Client Records and Instructions, Current updates and Bulletins, Calls for Service, Area Maps and Navigation, Resident and Vehicle Registries, Database of Suspects, Vehicle Citations, and incidents.

Our database technology is the future of the security industry and comes standard with all of our Patrol and Response Services.

Global Positioning System (GPS):

Each patrol vehicle is equipped with GPS monitoring through our dispatch displaying in real-time where each vehicle is and what speed limit the vehicles are traveling. This facilitates rapid response time providing the ability for our dispatchers to physically see which patrol units are nearest to your location. All vehicle movements are recorded and provide an accurate record or patrol activity for auditing purposes.

Digital Radio Communication

Every patrol officer is equipped with a digital radio system monitored through our dispatch. All radio traffic is recorded providing an accurate record of Patrol unit activity for auditing or post-incident investigation purposes.


Patrol Vehicles are included at No Charge for Patrol Service Contracts. Our fleet of vehicles consists of all black in color newer high-profile police style vehicles marked with green and silver decals displaying a large “Patrol” on each side of the vehicle. The reason we chose these vehicles for our fleet is because we want to display an image of authority. This element is applied to properties we patrol. When people see us, they are aware that a figure of authority is in their presence. Special patrol equipment, such as a functional light bar, spotlights, computer system, fire extinguisher and first-aid kit come standard for our entire fleet.

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