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Vehicle Security Patrol Services

Add value to your community or business by choosing our effective roving security patrol services. The residents/tenants/employees/customers in your community or business value their privacy, protection, and security.

Many times a business or apartment complex doesn’t need a dedicated, standing guard on a regular basis. First Protection will provide patrol hits where a site is visited a certain number of times a night, at random times and days. The random element keeps those that want to cause harm guessing. Once on site, the patrolling officer would inspect the full perimeter, complete specified checks and investigate any sensitive areas. Private residences, shopping centers, Industrial parks, business offices are all examples of industries that utilize this service.

Our 24/7 command center guides the officer and remains on standby in case law enforcement, or the client needs to be contacted in case of an emergency. A report is generated and emailed to the customer as reference. We operate an efficient team 24/7, that is ready to assist and respond to your needs. Call us now for a custom solution that fits you.

Our vehicle security patrol services fleet includes marked law enforcement style, sedans and SUV’s. You will be amazed how quickly those nuisance problems are taken care of.

Patrol service considerations keeping you safe 24/7:

  • Vehicular & foot patrol tours
  • Building walkthroughs
  • Removal of unwanted persons
  • Door checks
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Interior & exterior inspections
  • Patrols customized to fulfill specific client needs
  • HVAC/Alarm/computer room checks
  • Parking lot & yard inspections
  • Commercial building opening/closing
  • Tenant issues & lockouts
  • Employee escorts
  • Bank drops
  • Emergency response

All vehicle security patrol services utilize:

  • Warning Decals
  • GPS / Destiny/ RFID for Remote Patrol Tracking
  • High definition day/night body cameras
  • Paperless digital reports processed via iPad showing pictures and geo-stamps
  • 24 Hour Live Communication / Instant Response

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