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Remote Camera Monitoring

First Protection Services offers Remote Camera Monitoring Services via the internet – a proactive approach in owning a camera system.

Most people install cameras but never utilize them to their full potential. We understand that most businesses and communities don’t have the resources or funding to continually monitor their cameras in-house and the cameras are often only used to retrieve a recording after a crime or incident was committed.

How does it work?

As a cost-effective alternative to having a stationary person monitor your camera on-site, our dispatch maintains the capability to monitor cameras located on your property via secure access over the internet.

Licensed security personnel perform periodic inspections of your property. When suspicious or criminal activity is observed, our dispatch can initiate a pre-determined response to either contact the client, local law enforcement or a FPS Patrol Unit will be dispatched immediately to your location to investigate.

Don’t have a camera system in place?

We can assist you with having one installed! Our company works with various vendors and would be glad to assist you in finding the right provider.

I have a camera system but I’m not sure if they can be viewed remotely?

If you already have a camera system installed and are not sure if your system is capable of being monitored remotely through the internet, the quickest way of knowing is, if you can view cameras from an off-site computer through the internet then so can we, it’s that easy!

Remote Camera Monitoring combined with our Patrol or Emergency Services will provide you with a great security plan!

  • Get 24/7 Patrol Response Services included FREE. (Not available in all areas)
  • Design a custom plan to fit your needs, please call for a free customized quote.
Remote Camera Monitoring

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