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Security Guard

Security Patrol Service

FPS Security Patrols are a cost-effective alternative to on-site personnel in many environments. If implemented properly, patrol services can be a strong deterrent to crime and provide a number of value added services, such as after-hours control of locks and doors, alarm response, and periodic inspection of key locations of concern. FPS Security Patrol Service provides clientele with highly trained uniformed personnel who will conduct random or scheduled (determined by clientele) patrols of your facility. The patrol officer will visit the site, inspect the property-based on the client’s needs- and provide our client with computerized incident reports and information about the inspection. If problems are observed, our patrol officer will make the required notifications and remain on-site until the adequate remedy is provided. FPS Security Patrol clients have the peace of mind knowing that a high quality, professional security company is watching their property.

Alarm Response

For a nominal, flat monthly fee, FPS can offer your home or business priority response to your accounts location within minutes of when we get the call from your alarm monitoring company. All you need to do is list us with your alarm monitoring company as the primary point of contact.

Maine alarm response is cost-effective. Over 90% of alarm activations are false and can constitute great fines by your local Police/Fire departments. FPS Alarm response service will save you greatly with just a couple of false alarms per year, and keep you and your employees safe from harm.

Security Guards

FPS offers uniformed or business professional attire site Security Officers for all types of businesses. Whether your needs are for 24-hour coverage or less, FPS will provide you with highly qualified and fully trained Security Officers. Our Security Officers go through an extensive background check and multiple interviews prior to being selected to join the FPS team. Many of our Security Officers join our team with background training in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services and Military Security. Security Officers are fully qualified and trained prior to being placed on assignment.


Experienced, FPS Investigators are dedicated to serving our clients with professionalism, tenacity, and integrity. Our friendly, highly trained, well-informed staff is here to answer your questions regarding our services. With several years of investigative experience, our licensed private investigators will get you the results you need. Our satisfied clients have greatly benefited from our proven experience and ethical investigative techniques that insure we find the information they need quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right licensed private investigator in Maine can make a significant difference for you in a number of different ways. Choose the experienced team at FPS, our proven techniques and experience generate fast results and savings.

Remote Camera Monitoring

FPS offers Remote Camera Monitoring Services via the internet – a proactive approach in owning a camera system. Most people install cameras bet never utilize them to their full potential. We understand that most businesses and communities don’t have the resources or funding to continually monitor their cameras in-house and the cameras are often only used to retrieve a recording after a crime or incident was committed.

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